Ross Byrne


As a coach my goal has always been to empower people with the ability to not only take control of their health and fitness, but to understand it at a deeper – yet easily understood level.

Regardless of your goal; be it lose fat, get stronger, gain some size and everything in between! Throughout my coaching career I have dedicated my energy to getting an understanding of how to solve clients problems and how we can change the behaviours that effect your progress inside and outside of the gym. Through continuous self-development, mentorships and education I try to arm myself with the formulas to those problems. The problems you face.

Coming from a 12-year background in Martial-Arts with multiple Multiple National and European Titles to my name I understand the value of hard work, consistency and support. Two congruent qualities to any goal. As I have progressed I have found myself training now as an amateur bodybuilder. Where do you fit in here? Well, regardless of the direction, the qualities needed to get their are very similar. Hard-work, consistency and support! These qualities are universal to any goal. Especially your own.

So, if you would like to transform your body, feel confident, feel strong, feel healthy or even get back the ability to play with your children. All in a way that slots conveniently into your life – Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.