Paul Taylor


I have been working in the Personal Training industry for over a decade and in Southside Gym since 2015.

My academic journey began in 2006. I spent 6 years in college, first acquiring Personal Traning, Sports Therapy and Nutrition ITEC diplomas and then received my honors degree in Exercise and Health Science. I worked part time as a Personal Trainer / Crossfit Class Instructor throughout my studies so I could apply what I was learning in college to help people with their Health and Fitness goals in the real world.

When I finished college I immediately went into full time personal training, specialising in coaching women.

Throughout the years since, I have trained countless woman – empowering them to increase strength & fitness levels, tone bodies, drop dress sizes, develop confidence and enhance health & energy levels.

I am extremely proud of not only the life changing results I have helped these women achieve, but the strong rapports we have built throughout that time.

I still coach many of my first clients many years on and I’m confident I will continue to do so for a long time to come.

I feel extremely privileged to have helped some truly wonderful women get into (and stay!) in the best shape of their lives by implementing a lifestyle that places strong emphasis on exercise, nutrition and health, whilst enjoying all of it also.

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