Karl O’Sullivan


Hi, I’m Karl, owner of Dramatic Physiques Personal Training.

I have been involved in the Health & Fitness sector for over a decade, delivering confidence-boosting, results-based coaching to my fantastic clients.

Throughout the years I have worked with people of all shapes and sizes to help them get amazing results. Whether you are looking to tone up, gain muscle or add strength, I’m the trainer for you.

Who I work with:

Over the years I have coached clients for a range of goals. These have included fitness/bodybuilding competitions, powerlifting meets, photoshoots, weddings and an uncountable amount of holidays. I also have a background in theatre and have helped a number of stage performers (actors, musicians, comedians etc.) reach their desired body composition goals, for both auditions and performances.

My Story:

Growing up I was far from what you would call “Athletic”. I had an eating disorder. I was frail, weak and not confident in my body. When I set foot in the gym for the 1st time, I was clueless as to what I should have been doing. If you feel the same I will be a constant guide for you on your fitness journey.

My Mantra:

I pride myself on being able to deliver my clients rock star results while making the training both educational and enjoyable. My current and past clients will testify that while I do take my work seriously, I won’t think twice about dancing along to cheesy tunes or rehashing old Simpson’s quotes, while we are resting in between sets. This is how I balance the intense nature of the training itself 😉

Whether you have a serious goal that you want to achieve, or you simply want to take your training to the next level, contact me today and let’s smash your goals together.

Get the results you deserve, not the ones you settle for.

Instagram: @dramatickarl
Email: dramaticphysiques@gmail.com