Grace Tedford

Get strong and confident in the gym.
Stop hiding in the background of photos.
Take back your energy.
Fit into those expensive jeans again.
Be comfortable in your own skin.

I specialise in:

  • Working with confidence or anxiety challenges.
  • Fat Loss & Weight Management.
  • Strength Training.
  • Weightlifting for Women.
  • Learning to use equipment and navigate the gym floor.
  • Working With Injury and Postural Issues.
  • Nutrition and Behaviour Change.

About Me

I first began to focus on my own health and training in 2010. I used to find the gym a scary place but through working with a personal trainer, I got strong and grew in confidence and found a passion for lifting weights.

I learned how to appreciate my body, find a balance in my life and get a better return for my efforts inside and outside the gym.

I finally stopped letting my lack of confidence and anxieties get in the way of my health.

My mission is to now do the same for you in the fun and friendly environment of Southside Gym. Get in contact to arrange a free consultation.