Emily O’Hanlon


My clients are incredibly important to me and I love nothing more than helping them feel better in themselves

My name is Emily O’Hanlon. I have always been passionate about self betterment and healthy living. That passion has been transferred into my studies and work as a Personal Trainer. My clients are incredibly important to me and I love nothing more than helping them feel better in themselves, whether they want to lose weight or build up their strength.

In my time away from the gym I enjoy drawing, fashion, hiking and traveling.

Instagram: _ejloh


“I started training with Emily last year, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my health and fitness. As someone who has struggled with various injuries, I always worried that training regularly in the gym would only aggravate or cause more injuries. Emily was incredibly meticulous in her plans for me, always showing great care and amazing knowledge in the programmes that she has set for me. She hasn’t just given me newfound physical strength in the gym, but also the confidence to continue to workout and improve, without fear of injury.”

“Emily is an amazing trainer and coach, being someone who has weight trained for nearly 15 years I was amazed at how quickly she improved my technique and knowledge. I was hesitant to begin training with a PT initially but Emily put me at ease immediately, every question I had she answered with great details and she is very friendly, open and approachable. I am now training smarter, with better results thanks to Emily. I would recommend anyone to train with Emily, you will thank yourself as I have.”

“I have been training with Emily for over a year now, and she is so professional. Which when you have been attending gyms for a while is not always a given. Not only does she have a vast knowledge of the gym and exercises themselves, but how the body works too. She is able to tailor any session at any time and this flexibility is a testament to her professionalism. Aside from that she is also so nice and gives the best advice in between reps. Don’t let age fool you, Emily knows her stuff! I followed her from a previous gym and would without a doubt do it again”. – Laura, Sandyford

“Since starting training with Emily over a year ago I’ve seen an extreme change in myself both physically and mentally. Emily’s constant guidance and encouragement has made me develop a love for training. Emily takes a lot of time to explain in detail and to make sure  you get the most out of your session. I’ve seen a huge development in my body toning up and strength since starting. Emily is very easy to talk to and extremely professional making our sessions flow quickly making me get the most out of it. I’m very happy with my training with Emily and highly recommend her.” – Georgia Collie

“I began my personal training with Emily over six months ago. From day one she was a game changer. I felt instantly comfortable with her. From someone who never felt confident in a gym and couldn’t even squat I’m now doing things I never thought possible. I’m much healthier, fitter and stronger. I followed her to Southside from her previous gym as I trusted her completely and didn’t want to train with anyone else. Having a PT makes you work harder and have goals. Emily has a great way of explaining things and her techniques are exceptional. She pushes me when I need it and I’ve seen huge results in my body and in my confidence too.” – Linda Murphy