Amanda Tavares


Specialist areas of training:

Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Strength and Conditioning
Nutritional Advice
– High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Amanda is a Level 4 qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor. Her aim is to help clients discover and appreciate what their bodies are capable of and, as a consequence, feel comfortable in their own

For her, having a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated, radical or follow a ”all or nothing mentality” – when it comes to getting results it’s about doing the basics right, consistently, while still enjoying life and being social.

As a former gymnast, Amanda focuses on technique, while keeping a safe workout environment. She believes that fitness is here to be appreciated and not to be seeing as a punishment, and so her sessions
are also fun and energetic.

By pushing clients that bit further than they would push themselves and helping them with accountability, she aspires to empower them to be the best, most confident, version of themselves.

“I help people move and feel better, be more flexible and mobile, pain and drama free. If you want to be mentally and physically stronger, send me a message and I will love to assist you on this journey.”

Hobbies and Interests:

– I lift heavy things for fun!
– Interested in all forms of movement – but mostly the ones that get
you upside down (handstands, gymnastics, aerial silks, trapeze, etc).
– Does eating all the foods counts as a hobby and /or a interest? 🙂

INSTAGRAM: @amandatavarespt

MOBILE: 0831433649
FACEBOOK PAGE: AT PT – Amanda Tavares Personal Trainer


Customer Notice

The gym will be closed until further notice.

Any queries please email, thank you.
We cannot thank our members enough for standing by us and supporting us during this time.